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Services Technologies Skillsets Expertise Openings About Us

Our Services

We find you technology experts you need, with fast turnaround to help solve your mission critical challenges.

Talent on Demand

Describe the skillset your ideally looking for and let us get to work.

Fast Turnaround

We know how to work at the pace that matches your need for urgency.

Niche Placements

Hard to find wish list? Our internal list of contacts either knows someone or knows someone who knows someone.

Flexible Requirements

We go deep to find what you need, however specialized your requirements may seem.

Our Technologies

We specialize in the most impactful technology areas, keeping pace with ever evolving and innovating technology areas.

Data Architecture

We specialize in scalable, secure, and robust next generation data architectures.

Data Engineering

We bring order and structure to your data, fulfilling the promise of presenting useful information to help guide your business decisions and outcomes.

Data Governance

We have experts that will help you navigate the complexities of security, visibility, and Data Governance for your sensitive data.

Data Managementand MDM

Our experts know the technology, tools and processes that ensure master data is coordinated across the enterprise.

Visualization and BI

Our experts can make even the most complex data come to life with clear, succinct, and meaningful visualizations - enabling your leaders to understand data trends historically and make educated projects about the future.

Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics

When accurate projections of the future matter, trust our experts to help your business manage your historical data to make accurate future predictions, and actionable recommendations based on those projected outcomes.

Data & Analytics

We know Big Data inside and out. More importantly, we know how to organize it, process it, and refine it to extra your relevant business's information insights and gold.

Machine Learning

We know how to extract real value from Machine Learning. Beyond buzzwords and flashy trends, we have the experts who can get Machine Learning to accelerate your business, pragmatically.

Cloud Computing

Azure? AWS? No problem. We know how to manage and configure your Cloud Deployments to meet your needs, without accidentally blowing your budgets.


Our experts will streamline your integration and value from SAAS. It really is how you use it.

UX: Full Stack

Web, iOS, Android, and beyond. We have expert full stack developers that know how to bring your internal or customer facing applications to life.

Software Expertise

Azure, AWS, ETL, Informatica Cloud, Snowflake, Tableau, Domo, and more.

Our Skillsets

We support every role to streamline and accelerate the effectiveness of your Software Development Life Cycle.

Software Development

Software Development was our first love and is still one of the most popular areas we work with to date.

Data Architecture

Our experts help you build the right architecture the first time. We can help you build the scale and performance you need that won't operationally break your budget.

Data Scientist

Our Data Scientists are the perfect blend of theory and practicality. They have the hard-won experience to help guide your next data driven innovation.

Project Management

The best orchestra's need a practiced hand to help coordinate the work, mitigate the risk, and communicate with the stakeholders. Our experts have a maestro's touch.

Dev Ops

Our experts make Dev Ops look easy and keep your projects running smoothly. Looking to move to Continuous deployment? Look no further: We can help.


Our testers are part tester part developer and all repeatability and automation. if you want to improve your quality game, give us a call.


Our architects can help you build exactly what you need.

Our Industry Expertise

Understanding technology is one thing. Understanding the business side is another. We have experts that have experience in both, helping them ramp up quickly, giving you an immediate impact. We have done the most work in the following industries:


Technology has always been a first-class enabler for financial systems. Our experts have worked in the finance world and understand how important it is to get it right, especially when working with money.

Wealth Management

We help you effectively harness the power of technology to simplify, rationalize and centralize your firm's operations, and bring a sharper focus to your investment opportunities and risks.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing consultants identify the most effective ways of advertising or marketing your products and services. We create and streamline strategies to help drive customer engagement and sales.

Brand Monitoring

Our consultants help create an impactful Brand Monitoring strategies, from planning to ongoing monitoring and feedback loops.

Healthcare & Reporting

We have extensive experiencing both in Healthcare, and providing meaningful reporting to help create an impactful perspective to guide complex organizations in the health care space.


Our experts use gamification to help your buisness sharpen employee focus, provide instant performance feedback and training, and increase the output and job satisfaction of your workforce.


From Property & Casualty, to Life, Specialty, and Reinsurance: We've done it all.


Our experts know Healthcare. They have worked on reducing human errors, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, improving practice efficiencies, and tracking all of it over time.

Our Openings

Got skills? Got a burning talent and a history of success? You may be what we're looking for. In our hands, highly skilled people are never short of work. If that's you, give us a call!

About Us

eCloud Labs Inc was founded in 2012.
We both source top-tier technical talent and provide end to end project delivery services across the United States and Asian markets.
We are certified as a Woman Owned Business and a Minority Owned Business.
Proudly serving clients in the United States and India since 2012.